The ncvi brand was born in China and belongs to the exclusive mother and baby brand of Chinese mothers. It has always adhered to the concept of "Newborn Feeding and Baby Love Plus". It has a history of more than 10 years of deep cultivation of baby products and is committed to research and development and innovation of high-quality feeding appliances and nursing care. Supplies, so that thousands of families can enjoy the convenience and comfort of easy feeding.
The full line of products meets the needs of Chinese mothers, insists on continuous innovation, and independently develops breast pumps, maternal care products, breastfeeding appliances, baby electrical appliances and baby feeding products suitable for domestic mothers. Several patented technologies have been certified.
The ncvi brand continues to push domestic mothers and infants to the public’s attention, insists on independent research and development and scientific research innovation, and continuously improves product quality and performance, and creates the concept of easy breastfeeding in the Z era, so that Chinese mothers can also enjoy "good products, not so expensive." "Comfortable buying experience.
There are 3 self-owned 120,000 square factories in China:48,000 square meters in Wuxi, 50,000 square meters in Suqian, and 11,000 square meters in Wenzhou, which provide a great boost for automation and integrated dust-free workshops. This insists on quality and is more worthy of attention for the factory area of the domestic cargo platform: all have obtained the US FDA medical certification. And the European CE medical certification, once again used the strength to verify that the domestic products should be self-improvement~
The product sales network started from China and has now spread all over the world. Through the layout of offline stores, domestic, foreign and modern e-commerce network sales, the word-of-mouth praise and sharing recommendations of pregnant mothers have been completed. Among them, the sales of breast pumps are more stable. Ranked first. Won the praise of Chinese mothers: "Chinese products are even more brilliant"!

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